Hey lovers,

First and foremost thank you for stopping by to read my blog,

My name is Cwayita Bizana a 23-year-old Law Student based in Johannesburg. I am the Beauty on Tapp brand ambassador and I run a fashion styling and image consulting firm Cake Addict Styles. Hailing from the culture rich Eastern Cape in South Africa, I am a proud Xhosa woman who enjoys any kind of adventure and has a passion for fashion. I usually describe myself as a beautifully complex individual who is obsessed with the Bachelor/ette franchise.

With this blog I will only be encompassing my true self as I try to uncover it.

I started this platform because of my love for fashion and my belief in the individuality of every person through style. My biggest goal for it, is for it to become a world renowned fashion house whose priority is to create jobs whilst giving back to the community and empowering people through fashion.

Thank you for riding with me as I continue pursuing my dreams.

Happy browsing and stay blessed.

For any business enquiries contact: info@Cwayitabizana.com

She’s a ray of sunshine.


Favorite fashion item right now?

Ankle Booties, they work all year round and my oversized denim jacket.

Most embarrassing trend you’ve ever bought into ?

The bubble dress/skirt

Name your top 5 style icons ?

Kourtney K | Olivia Culpo | Rihanna | Shiona Turini and Instagram and vintage photographs

Where do you shop mostly ?

Online (LOL) as of 2017


What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Say a little prayer then I check my cellphone

What is the hardest part of dating ?

Compromise, it’s not just about ME anymore

What’s your favorite book?

Lone Eagle by Danielle Steele, I found healing in that book and many more…

Brands you would buy your first born ?



What is the number one rule to live by for a stylist?

Have your clients best interest at all times – Aim for that weekly best dressed list ALWAYS.

Describe your style?

I’m willing to try anything and everything so I don’t have a specific style. What I do like is comfort.