The road to becoming a financially savvy queen with Cash Cloud

Hellos Family,

I am back… well I think I am back (To be explained). Thank you for riding and continuing to support me even though my last post was in June.

It has been a roller coaster of searching and becoming the person I want to be – someone I am proud of at the end of each day. One goal I’m smashing is the one about financial freedom and making smart financial decisions.

After I was kicked off my student account this year – I felt extremely sad especially because now I have to pay R58 on my upgraded account with my current back, which is a lot of money – so I finally decided to challenge my old ways of spending and activity start looking for a bank with lower fixed rates. I was looking for a banking solution that’d low monthly fees and with cash cloud I found that they’re monthly fee is only R39pm which is suitable for my financial goals. I do have ambitions of upgrading to cash cloud blue which allows international use for only R45pm.

@cashcloud_sa : A Mobile banking App that’s very easy to use and has super low rates.
Brings you all the convenience you’ve ever needed, has a WhatsApp and Twitter support centre ✨✨✨ Talk about convenience. 
This month I was able to buy things on my wish list and purchase them all online using cash cloud. I was also able to add to my Crystal collection for self-dare Sunday, earrings and the perfect perfume for this season with the convenience of #cashcloud
#Cashcloudsa #cashcloudlife #moneysaver

Coming across cash cloud has truly been a blessing. Coming to terms with your financial situation can be very tough but that’s what adulting comes with. I had to come to terms with my financial situation. Cashcloud is a mobile banking app internet / cellphone banking. Great for transferring to another person because it is free, it’s convenience is immeasurable because of its customer care line that’s on WhatsApp and Twitter.

What you need to sign up:

  • Cellphone
  • Valid South African ID
  • Valid international passport
  • Asylum
  • refugee permit

I can use it when traveling abroad, withdraw at any ATM, purchase online – superbalist Zando, use it on Uber as well as at any Pick n Pay store.

I would recommend it to

  • students
  • travelers / tourists
  • convenience seekers


  • No queues
  • No paperwork
  • Affordable and convenient
  • internationall and domestic use
  • convenient communication channels like Twitter & WhatsApp

I am very glad to have a system in my life that puts me at ease – this seemed impossible but now I’m here with a substantial growth in my money.

Their social media accounts:

  • IG: @cashcloud_sa
  • Twitter: @cashcloudworld

I write this for everyone trying to stay in their financial lane.

XO Cway.

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