Kgomotso: @CoilyMe_Natural Transitioning and Tips for Naturalistas

Kgomotso (@CoilyMe_Natural) is a bubbly, enthusiastic 22-year-old young engineering graduate, currently pursuing her master’s degree. Born and bred in Mamelodi which is in Pretoria but is currently based in Johannesburg.

I started my hair journey in April 2016, after having chemically relaxed hair for a major part of my life. The decision to go natural was one of self-discovery, cliché I know because every naturalista says that about their journey. But really, the decision was just me taking a risk in my life. Natural hair was never a thing I knew about, it was never something I’ve really experienced for myself as an adult, and thus it was a new playing-field for me.

I made the decision to transition as the big-chop was never an option for me. This led me to follow a Canadian youtuber. She, like myself had transitioned to natural hair and was documenting her journey on YouTube. This is where I learnt majority of what I know about natural hair, from which products I needed, how to take care of my hair as well as how to deal with the challenges of transitioning to natural hair. I transitioned for a year until I decided that I couldn’t deal with the two textures anymore and I decided to chop the damaged ends off.


At first the transition from long-silky hair to short, coily natural hair was scary, I was still getting used to the hair as a new part of my life, not to mention the culture shock to the people around me. But I knew that I wanted to do it and that’s what kept me on the path for so long. Due to the determination, I carried on with my hair journey struggling but always recovering. I then decided to document my natural hair journey on Instagram because the people around me started getting interested in my natural hair. I would get questions on how I look after my hair, how I achieve the styles I did and general day to day life with natural hair. But alongside this interest was the misconceptions surrounding natural hair.


A lot of young women just didn’t have positive views regarding natural hair, especially in the professional space. So I decided to take it upon myself to show them the positive side of natural hair, through living this life and documenting it on Instagram. I also generally do enjoy hair, from my relaxed hair days till today. Blogging on Instagram for me is where I can express my creative side and my thoughts while educating at the same time. I also love trying out natural hair brands and thus I get to give my honest reviews and share my experiences. This platform has also allowed me to meet other fellow instagramers from all spheres of life all with a common goal of reaching out to people. I am still new to this platform and I’m learning quite a lot. The future definitely looks bright!

My 5 top tips for naturalistas:

1. Never compare your hair to anybody else’s! Our hair is very much unique and thus behaves very differently to that of the next person.
2. Moisturise your hair, not with just oil but lots and lots of water! Use a sprits or water based spray every other day to save yourself the hassle of dealing with dry brittle hair.
3. Trim your ends regularly, split ends are not cute, and they inhibit hair growth, so be sure to trim them off every 3-4 months.
4. Never skip your deep conditioning step during your wash day! Your hair needs all the moisture and nutrients it can get, and this is often obtained from the deep conditioner.
5. The last tip is to have fun with your natural hair. The natural hair journey can be stressful sometimes, but fun is what you make of it! Try new products, hairstyles and get to know your hair! Once you show it love, it will love you back!


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