Hey Guys! Todays blog post is about a wrist watch I received two weeks ago from This one is called Ebony Silver and is one amongst the other seven unique designs from the brand.
PLNK is a wooden watch brand designer. The brand designs all natural-wooden watches that are specifically handmade with reclaimed or recycled wood that is sourced all around the world. At PLNK watches they value sustainability as much as they value time that is why they use sustainable ways of sourcing their wood. They make their watches for the non-conformers and the distinct few with a unique taste. This brand was founded by two South African people who believe wrist watches are still amazing items to check the time from.
First impressions ?
I received my personal watch about two weeks ago and got the opportunity to really enjoy it and be able to give the low down, basically whether it’s worth your while or not. First things first, the excitement came from how clean and tidy the packaging was, very well thought out and gives you clear idea of what you are getting yourself into when purchasing. The watch has a classic vibe to it and a very distinctive look. It is well crafted with simplicity and a dash of unique which comes from the wooden strap. The main challenge for me was the fact that I had to resize it myself, that did not go to well because it took me twenty minutes to get it right and make sure the screws were in tightly, the upside is that all the tools to do the resizing are inside the box.
This watch demands to be noticed because it has a strong presence. This specific design that I was gifted is unisex but the brand does accommodate for both men and women. One has two options, to either buy the uni-sex one or go to the designated tab for each gender on the website. The craftsmanship has my complete admiration. It is the perfect piece to add when you’re playing dress up or enjoying a his and hers phase of the relationship if you’re in a relationship of course. If you are searching for the perfect gift for the gentlemen / gentleman in your life PLNK has got you sorted this fathers day.
Three words from me: High quality, style and fashionable item which works well with the classic wardrobe. The wooden element can be beneficial for those who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema.  
It’s not for you if ?
You’re a girly girl who likes bright, glittery watches because It has a very masculine and serious feel to it.
It is not for you if you’re not patient and like convenience because the task of resizing is tricky or I’m just not very skilled when it comes to hand work. I really struggled with resizing because now it keeps coming undone and that might be because I found it hard to screw in the screws tight enough.
Based ?
Johannesburg, South Africa
Price Tag ? 
The one that was sent to me is R599, the most expensive is R715 // cheapest R545.
Not bad pricing considering the high quality of the product.
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