Travel Tips: The best time to buy airline tickets on TravelStart

Hello fellow Africans.

Today’s blog post is different but not too different because I am still writing it from the warmth of my comfortable bed in windy Craighall Park sipping on ginger tea from my Mickey Mouse mug…

What’s new you ask ? Well a lot has happened since the last blog post but what has stood out is the fact that I have started thinking seriously about my travel goals. I have started to revisit my dreams of visiting Africa in all its glory which requires me to look for cheap ways of achieving this goal. I have only been to one other African country but this isn’t entirely my fault, basically life is expensive and I haven’t really been intentional when saving up – I always end up spending my money on things that give me instant gratification like food, shopping and countless Uber trips. I’m also pretty certain that I am not the only one who finds making and saving money difficult but that’s not the point – the point is I have found a website that has a simple way of booking cheap flights. The website I am talking about is Travelstart website has flight specials and it lists both international and domestic destinations.

In previous years I haven’t really taken getting cheap flight tickets seriously and I haven’t bothered following the days I have been advised by travel experts to book on. The days I am talking about guarantee cheaper flights than booking on any other days of the week. Now that the cost of living is super high I can’t afford to miss out on amazing deals. This month I took sometime to do thorough research for the girls trip I am planning and I thought it would be a good idea to share my discoveries with everyone who reads my posts. This entire month what has been lingering in my head is, “If you think travel is dangerous try routine it’s lethal.” With that said a journey of a thousand miles begins with a cash advance and in our case the cash advance is the flight deals we can all benefit which are listed on the TravelStart website.

Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town 

2018 is the year of exploring both locally and internationally, I want to get out more and be exposed to the beauty of the world. I want to smell the freshness of the air on Islands, I want to take breathtaking pictures in beautiful architectural cities, I want sleepless nights spent dancing and waking up in fresh comfortable hotel beds, all this whilst contemplating which dish to order that will satisfy my picky tastebuds. Once in a while we all need time off to recharge and enjoying life to the fullest. Since my sudden urge to travel has sky rocketed I have been engulfed in different travel websites comparing both flight and accommodation deals and I keep returning to  I recently used it to purchase my flight ticket for the route from Johannesburg to Cape Town, see here how easy it is to get at the very same deal  I’m finally saying YES to my travel goals and I couldn’t be prouder. How I managed to save was by booking my flight ticket on Tuesday, but the website also has cheap flights on Wednesdays too. Did you know that the Johannesburg to Cape Town route is one of the busiest routes in the world ? anyway that’s a discussion for another day.

What you can do on Travel Start?

  • You can compare flight prices
  • Book from different airlines.
  • Book on either Tuesday or Wednesday to save
  • Book both domestic and international flights
  • And more…..

I mean don’t we all love any opportunity to save when it comes to travel expenses? I know I do. All I ever do is research flight tickets and I finally found the best website that affords one an improved cheaper way to travel.

Best time to buy an airline ticket

Follow these links for more useful information.

The infographic below demonstrates all the info I have gathered when looking to buy airline tickets (drum-roll)… your travel goals don’t have to be a distant reality. Take sometime to do something that sets your heart on fire. Trust TravelStart they are indeed experts in the travel industry.

Cheapest day to book your domestic flight: 

  • Tuesday then Wednesday.
  • Book in the afternoon – avoid business travelers traffic
  • Avoid booking flights on Friday and Sundays (Domestic flights)
  • Don’t book to far in advance you might miss last minute specials.


I’ll be bringing you more saving tips because I’m a cheapskate and as I embark on this journey of bravery and extreme adventure I need every cent.




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