Step by step wash day routine for my 4c Hair: Including the products I use currently

Wash day routine for my 4c Hair

Hello from the comfort of my bed, indulging in lemon infused green tea, listening to spirit of praise on this beautiful but gloomy Sunday Afternoon. I hope you are all well and are having a blessed day.!!

Like all the other years, this is another year of pruning and growing good healthy hair so our hair can reach its full potential and we can all be full members of black girl magic whether you’re natural or not.

Everyday I learn that having a good relationship with my hair begins with a solid wash day routine. My wash day routine really calms me and allows me to show the utmost love to my crown and that’s why I love the whole process so much. Wash day helps me forget all those days my hair misbehaves which happens more often than is mentioned. Wash day is a reminder to not compare my hair to anyone else’s but to focus on my own to fully experience its beauty.  We all get sucked into comparing our hair and that’s the wrong way to go about this journey. Love your crown unconditionally and keep the process simple for it to fully produce the fruits you so deserve.

Pre – Shampoo / Detangle: Treatment to prevent hair drying out during the cleansing process

  • Apply an oil of your choice on damp hair, prior to cleansing. (Grape seed oil / Almond Oil / Avocado oil / coconut oil)
  • I use coconut oil generously. Coconut oil Penetrates the hair shaft, I mix it with Aloe if I’m lucky enough to find the plant.
  • I wear a shower cap over the coconut oil for at least 30minutes.
  • After 30min I detangle using my fingers or big toothed comb – Helps make my hair more manageable.


  • I use Apple cider vinegar, this technique is my favorite and my hair loves it a lot. I mix water and the apple cider in a bottle and I just sneeze it out and massage it into my scalp. Replacing shampoo.
  • Clarifying shampoo – I haven’t found one my hair loves, they all make my hair really brittle and dry. This in turn makes it hard to keep moisture in my hair. Please recommend a good brand.
  • African black soap / Bentonite clay – I haven’t tried them but they’re on my list. Reviews are all positive.

Deep condition

  • I alternate between the Native Child deep conditioner and the Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey treasures conditioner. I love them both, truly amazing. How I know a deep conditioner is good is how my hair feels after wash day. It’s usually soft and fluffy.
  • I Cover the treatment with a plastic bag (yes uCheckers) and a shower cap and indulge for 30-45minutes. This allows all the good ingredients to enter the shaft of the hair which guarantees nourishment for the hair.

Drying hair

  • I use an old T-Shirt, never a towel because I find that it breaks my hair and makes it tangled.

Moisturize and seal

  1. Very important step because my hair is prone to dryness and it helps with maintaining intense moisture in my hair.
  2. I use the L.O.C technique (Liquid Oil Cream) – Liquid: Water / Oils: glycerin + grapeseed oil + My Natural strengthening oil pictured above + tea tree all mixed in a spritz / Cream: Shea Butter (NativeChild in winter / Taji warmer cooler weather)

Leave-in conditioner: Mixed in my daily spritz – Currently using Knot on my watch by Auntie Jackie as a leave-in.

Hairline = Jamaican castor oil without fail.


  • This is my least favourite step because I am not great nor creative when it comes to styling my hair, but I’m learning. I usually section my hair and plait it in threes, hardly twist.

NB: Make sure you have at least 2.5hours.

Also share what your wash day secrets are in the comment section ☺.




  1. Clarifying shampoo: Have you tried EDEN Bodyworks Peppermint Tea-Tree? I think it’s pretty great at cleansing the scalp.

    1. Hey Shay,

      No I have not tried EDEN. But I’ll definitely look into it ☺️ Thank you for the suggestion. My scalp needs all the care in the world.

  2. Thank you so much for this. I have recently started my natural hair journey so I will definitely be following this routine.

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