Winning oils for your hairline and scalp

My hairline has always been something I was proud of, and has always played a huge role in boosting my confidence. Late last year my hair started thinning, breaking and bald patches began appearing, that is the reason I decided to cut my hair and begin looking for natural organic products that would assist me in regaining my confidence whilst re-growing my hair around my problem areas.

In searching for a solution for my hair problems, I found out that if hair is pulled tightly enough the hair follicles become permanently damaged and this leads to hair loss. I had to come to terms with the fact that, if my hair follicles were dead no amount of treatment and no routine would regrow my hair. Lucky for me the hair follicles around my head weren’t dead and I could begin my routine that promised to bring back my healthy hair.

After cutting my hair I decided that if a hairstyle brought any pain I would undo it or loosen it, I told myself that I would always follow the directions to avoid hair damage and loss,  lastly that relaxers would have to take the backseat because when chemicals are placed on an already-stressed hairline, thin damaged hair will be the result.

The improper use of relaxers and dye’s in our salons is a big contributor to thinning hair that leads to breakage. I am a victim of hair loss as a result of relaxer. The last time I relaxed my hair the relaxer was left on my head for much longer than the recommended time, and even after I had expressed that the chemical was burning me with tears in my eyes, I was told ‘you can’t wash it off just yet.’ As a result of that incident today I am still suffering the consequences of that encounter. If you are still into relaxers try to avoid applying the chemical to damaged scalps and hair, don’t try retouching more often than every four weeks.

The second reason my hair suffered so much is a result of heat abuse. Heat thins hair, and tends to break the hair at the ends not from the roots – you’ll notice dryness and brittleness, this is all due to too much heat and this made my hair look like it was not growing because the ends kept breaking. In the past I made the mistake of allowing anyone and everyone to do my hair, I kept protective styles longer than the recommended five weeks so I decided to go on a journey to try and mend my hairline and found these four amazing products, products that actually work.

Today the reason my hairline is back and intact is because I have a bunch of amazing hair products that I researched and stocked up on in my hair cabinet or maybe it’s because I’ve been minding my own business these days (lol). In this post I wanted to share with you guys a few of my go to products. When it comes to damaged hair consistency is key and putting a time frame will only frustrate you.

Purple Hair oil: I am loving the Purpul hair oil which I use mainly when I have braids or any other protective style in. This oil promotes hair growth and eliminates dandruff effortlessly. This hair oil is a blend of five cold pressed oils, it is easy to apply and smells divine. I use it on my scalp three times a week on days where I am not using T444Z and Castor oil or when I have a protective style in and I apply it daily on the hairline.  It is known to strengthen and grow hair meaning its every girls dream product.

You can purchase it on 

ORS sweet almond and grapeseed oil: This product is amazing for both hair and scalp it smells amazing and can be found at Dischem. I have stopped using it mainly because I found a South African produced product (Purpul hair oil) which is just as good if not better. This one is a winner because of how good it smells.

Jamaican Castor Oil: Thickens the hair, repairs dry, brittle and damaged hair. It treats split ends, encourages a rapid increase of hair growth. This product treats and prevents dandruff. I call it an all rounder. I use this daily on my hairline two hours before my bedtime. It’s effective when applied on a clean scalp – when applying it massage it in using your fingertips and move your fingertips around in a gentle, circular pattern. You really can’t go wrong with any product that contains castor oil and has the word Jamaican in its name. This too is available on

T444Z: Has jaw dropping results for bald patches and hairline repair. As much as it is expensive I think it’s an investment – if you’re serious about getting your hairline back and fixing damaged areas this is the product to go for. I apply this product twice a week. It’s a mixture of more than ten of your favorite oils. It has an element of menthol which I love having on my scalp. It retails for R400 on | Stronger, longer healthier hair. This is the one product anyone would be happy to receive as a gift.

my hair has since stopped falling from the root and is healthier than ever thanks to T444Z.

All of these products are amazing for all hair types whether relaxed or natural.

Another really amazing and effective brand is pure royal which I will use at later stage in my hair journey.





  1. I started using Jamaican castor oil based on your recommendation and its working wonders. keen to try the other products too.

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